Nikon USA launches new Service and Support site

Nikon USA recently launched a new Service and Support Site, giving Nikon customers in the USA a single portal for all support and service issues, including product registrations, documentation, knowledgebase, firmware downloads and more.


Lumu - the Light Meter for your iPhone

Lumu is a new light meter created for the iPhone. Made to unleash the creativity in photographers, its inventors, Lumu Labs, are looking for backers on Kickstarter to help fund their project. We think this is a great idea so head on over to the Kickstarter project page and make your pledge!


DIY Sound Blimp

Photographers who do movie stills and set photography need expensive and weird looking "blimps" to encase their cameras in a sound-proof box. Learn how to create a do-it-yourself sound blimp for the Nikon D800 with this inexpensive and easy to follow tutorial.

DIY sound blimp


LeNs - New Interactive Digital Magazine for Nikon Photographers

Leading digital media group Future US just announced its latest digital magazine, LeNs, a new interactive experience dedicated to Nikon photographers and enthusiasts seeking to achieve pro-level results. Set to launch late-Spring 2013, LeNs will offer a multitude of interactive elements to help photographers take their skills to the next level.

Nikon-Specific Tutorials, Inspirational Tips, Comprehensive Reviews and Interactive Content

Designed for Nikon enthusiasts by Nikon enthusiasts, LeNs will offer monthly expert guidance, specific tutorials, inspirational tips and images from professional photographers, as well as comprehensive reviews of Nikon cameras, lenses and accessories. The digital magazine will also feature step-by-step instructional articles, videos and interactive elements to help readers gain a better understanding of photographic techniques and methods.

“Nikon photographers are a very avid and talented community, and we want to help them develop their passions and skills through LeNs,” said Kelley Corten, Vice President of Content & Product, Future US. “The digitally exclusive edition of LeNs will fully engage readers in the most innovative way and will deliver the upmost interactive digital experience for Nikon users.”

Prior to its launch, LeNs will host a weekly “Spring Fun” photograph contest on its Facebook fan page. Beginning this week until the end of June, fans can submit their original photos of “Spring Fun” moments each week – such as having a picnic at the park, flying a kite or taking hike. At the end of each week, one winner will be chosen by the LeNs editorial team based on creativity and originality. Winners will receive a $100 gift card code to Amazon.