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Nikon announces free service and shutter replacement for D600 cameras

NIkon has finally responded to the ongoing D600 sensor spot issue by releasing an official service advisory and offering a free shutter replacement to owners of D600 cameras:

Nikon is making available to all owners of D600 cameras (even if Nikon’s product warranty has expired) this customer-service measure, which includes the inspection, cleaning and replacement of the shutter assembly and related parts of your camera, FREE OF CHARGE as well as the cost of shipping D600 cameras to Nikon and their return to customers. Once again, please understand that regardless of this service, your D600 camera as is the case with all D-SLR cameras, will continue to require normal periodic sensor cleanings.

Click here to read the service advisory and learn how to send your D600 into Nikon's service center for free servicing


Dylan Coulter - An Olympic Advertising Campaign

In July 2013, photographer Dylan Coulter had the opportunity to shoot the CitiBank ‘Every Step of the Way’ multimedia campaign for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games. Shooting with a NIkon D800 and 35, 50 and 85mm 1.4 lenses, it was an exciting and complex undertaking. Eight Winter Olympic athletes were photographed in studio over the course of a week. There were a total of four sets, including one to create realistic portrayals of the athletes in action. Sport categories included alpine skiing, figure skating, luging, cross country skiing and hockey.

The national campaign includes print, out-of-home, cinegrams, social media and digital advertising as well as city-specific efforts. In New York, a portion of the Columbus Circle subway stations have been taken over with floor to ceiling banners as well as CitiBike stations, bus shelters and billboards throughout the city (photo above).

To see more images from this campaign, view Dylan's gallery here.

To see how the campaign has been used in New York City, see here.

The Making Of The Citi Sochi Winter Olympic Campaign Photo Shoot from Dylan Coulter on Vimeo.


Comparing Shutter Sounds: Nikon Df vs D700 vs D4 vs Fuji X-100s

Wanna know how the new Nikon Df shutter sound compares to other cameras? Check out this test that compares the Df (regular mode and quiet mode) against the D4, D700 and Fuji X-100s.