Nikon - Deep North

Great short climbing documentary on a first ascent above the Arctic circle in Alaska's Arrigetch Peaks. Shot in HD with D7000. Makes me wanna go out a shoot a movie with my D7000!


10 Best Videos Made with the Nikon D90 has a list of the "10 Best Videos Done with the Nikon D90". Nice to see so many people using a D90 to make videos.  Here's a Heineken commercial shot entirely in HD with the D90:


Nikon D-Movie Screening Room

Nikon D-Movie Screening RoomNikon has just launched the "D-Movie Screening Room", a site dedicated to showcasing videos shot with the D90 and D5000 cameras.

The Nikon D90 and D5000 deliver stunning HD-quality movie clips with beautiful image quality and sound. Both accept a wide range of interchangeable NIKKOR lenses, providing outstanding optical quality allowing for a variety of cinematic perspectives. Nikon’s D-Movie function can open new channels of creativity for everyone. In the hands of a professional cinematographer, D-Movie has the power to move and inspire.


Nikon D3 11fps Film Clip

Thanks to Nikon trainer Mike Hagen of Out There Images for uploading this clip demonstrating the D3's amazing frame rate capabilities. It's made from a series of 168 photographs taken in Continuous High (CH) at 11 frames per second (fps). The D3 will take 130 frames in a row until it stops and then you have to let your finger up and press down on the shutter release
to take another 130 photos. The total duration of the sequences is approximately 15 seconds long.