Nikon Lens Buddy App for iPhone and iPad

The Nikon Lens Buddy application (price $1.99 US) is now available on the iTunes store. Browse and "favorite" over 155 Nikon, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina lenses for Nikon DLR's on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. This handy application offers quick access to lens photos and specs, and links to over 550 hand-picked reviews! You can also add lenses to your "Own It" list, where you can enter notes as well as serial numbers for your lenses for handy future reference. Visit the Lens Buddy website for more information or get it directly from the iTunes store.


The Top 25 Android Photo Applications

Android Photo applications

The Android operating system is rapidly closing in on Apple's iOS as a mobile platform, with plenty of great photography applications now coming to market. Here's a good roundup of the best photography apps currently available for Android.


Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone, iPad and Android

Photoshop for iPad

Take the editing and sharing ease of wherever you go. Adobe Photoshop Express software for iPhone, iPad and Android is more than a mobile photo editor, it lets you upload, view and share your photos. Click here to find out more.