Sneak Peak of Amazing New Photoshop CS7 Filter

How do they do it? This new filter demoed by Sr. Photoshop Product Manager Zorana Ghee, and promised for the new Photoshop CS7, allows you to remove blur in a photograph due to motion or camera shake. Wow!


UV Filters: Cheap vs. Expensive - Does Quality Really Matter?

If you're like me, you always wonder whether it's really worth spending a small fortune for a high quality lens filter vs a cheap one, especially if it's just a clear UV filter used mainly for protecting your lens. While my instincts tell me that there is a big difference, my wallet tells me to go for the cheaper filters.  Here's an interesting test done by that helps to shed some light onto this issue and help decide if there really is a difference :)

Good Times with Bad Filters


Topaz Labs 10% off Coupon Code

We use Topaz Labs filters here at Nikon Blog and we LOVE them. Especally Topaz Adjust which is our all time favorite post-processing filter. Now you can get 10% off on any Topaz Labs product with this special coupon code: HDRIT. Click here to find out more about Topaz Labs products and order yours now using the discount coupon code.


Lee Filters 14-24mm Filter Holder

Now you can add filters to the 14-24mm f.2.8 wide angle zoom.