Comparing Shutter Sounds: Nikon Df vs D700 vs D4 vs Fuji X-100s

Wanna know how the new Nikon Df shutter sound compares to other cameras? Check out this test that compares the Df (regular mode and quiet mode) against the D4, D700 and Fuji X-100s.


Wedding Photographer Discusses Canon 5D Mark 2 vs Nikon D700

Wedding photographer Allister Freeman discusses his experience shooting weddings after moving from a Canon 5d Mark 2 to a Nikon D700.


Digital vs Film : D700 vs F5

Digital vs Film comparison D700 vs F5

Has digital photography finally eclipsed film in terms of resolution and image quality? The Gadget Show in England did a heads-on comparison between the Nikon D700 (digital) and the Nikon F5 (film), printing massive posters the size of a building to compare the results. Guess which camera came out the clear winner? See the results...


D700 Goes After Extreme Weather

Extreme weather photographer Jim Reed was asked by Nikon to test drive the new D700 during the 2008 storm season. This gallery contains 15 assorted images taken with the D700.