Distortion Control Data for Nikon D90 and D5000 firmware update (Ver. 1.002)

Nikon has provided a free Distortion Control Data update for the D90/D5000 (firmware version 1.002). Distortion control data are used to correct barrel and pincushion distortion during shooting and editing. This update includes support for the latest Nikon lenses and it can be loaded into cameras that support distortion control.

Mac version | PC version


Nikon Festival Video Contest

Nikon Video Contest

Nikon recently held a contest entitled "Your Day in 140 Seconds or Less" which asked users to submit a video about their day. While the deadline for submissions has already passed, voting is still taking place so you can see all the entries and vote on your favorite one.

Nikon Festival: Your Day in 140 Seconds or Less


Nikon D5000 Compared to D90

NIkon D5000

Engadget has a good comparison between Nikon's new entry-level D5000 and the slightly older but higly capable D90.